GDAA Committees & Committee Members

There is no question that the best way to see a return on your investment with GDAA is to get involved, and one of the best ways to get involved is to join one of our committees. Whether your passion is legislative affairs or special events, there is something for everyone!

Typically, each committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at GDAA Headquarters. Unless otherwise noted, committee meetings are open to all members. If you would like to discuss your talents and how they could be best utilized at GDAA or if you would like to sign up to volunteer, please contact the GDAA staff liaison listed under each committee.

Thank you to those that work hard to make The Association great!

  • Membership 9:00 am
  • Events 10:00am
  • Education 11:00am
  • Legislative 3:00pm
  • Social Media meets on the 3rd Thursday at 10:00 am

Mark your Calendar!  Email reminders are sent out to committee members a week prior to the meeting.

Committee List

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for organizing educational programs and seminars. 

Co-Chairs: Crystal Hawkey and Kayde Fitzpatrick
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise 

Committee Members:

  • Karla Knox-Gordon
  • Cammy Abel
  • Marissa Ferguson
  • Windy Stone
  • Ashley Ramos
  • Cassie Swihart
  • Christie Rogers
  • Sara Couch

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining GDAA Members. Welcome and mentor new members and make them feel welcome at events and meetings.

Chair: Kerry Duncan
Staff Liaison: Jamie Kennedy

Committee Members:

  • Lisa Berman
  • Jess Reeb
  • Donnie Hall
  • Zachary Gordon
  • Heather Barrow
  • Jeremy Turner


The Legislative Committee is responsible for monitoring and resolving legislative issues affecting the multi-housing industry on the local, state, and national levels.

Chair: Pat Crowley
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise

Committee Members:

  • Jim Ritterhoff
  • Sham Reddy
  • Solomon Parini
  • Alison Mendenhall
  • Marsha Grosmann
  • Carol Prudden
  • Barbara Hargraves
  • Mark Derrick

Event Committee

The Event Committee plans and executes special events and General Meetings. Helps with event promotion, set-up, and tear down of meetings and events. Assists in finding sponsors and helping make the event successful. 

Co-Chairs:  Barbara Hargraves and Sarah Hahn
Staff Liaison: Ally Montgomery

Committee Members:

  • Carol Prudden
  • Denise Banks
  • Jennifer Filaseta
  • Scott Lloyd
  • Kylie McKinnon
  • Jeannine Hammons


The Maintenance Education Council is responsible for education programs and workshops for service technicians.

Council Members:

Chair: Jacques Brose
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise

Committee Members:

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
  • Greg Vale
  • Thomas Ellison
  • Chris Justice
  • Tony Tyree


The Rent Foundation is a non-profit, charity arm of the GDAA.  Through donations from GDAA Members and Sponsored Events, the Rent Foundation provides one family/resident a month with their rent as well as helps with community disaster relief that affects the rental housing industry.

President: Paula Fleener
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise

Committee Members:

  • Kayde Fitzpatrick
  • Crystal Hawkey
  • Bryan Woods
  • Paul DiCuirci


The Trade Show Committee is responsible for planning the Annual Trade Show & Education Conference.

Chair: Donnie Hall
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise

Committee Members

  • Tyler Anderson
  • Christie Rogers


The Golf Outing Committee is responsible for planning the Spring Golf Outing.

Chairs: Paula Fleener
Staff Liaison: Jo Wise

Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Holp
  • John Gruen
  • Kayde Fitzpatrick
  • Scott Lloyd
  • Bryan Woods


The Social Media Committee is responsible for all Social Media Outreach.

Chairs:  Anna Sexton
Staff Liaison: Ally Montgomery

Committee Members:

  • Amanda Gleim
  • Sara Couch
  • Heather Barrow