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The GDAA Rent Foundation is a private, non-profit, charitable organization that helps one resident per month with their next month's rent. Our funding comes only from donations. The GDAA Rent Foundation Committee Review Board meets at the end of each month to select one applicant to award the funds.

Your Rental Assistance Request Form & documentation must be turned in by the due date which is seven days before the end of the month. Due dates may be adjusted due to holidays. This is to ensure that the qualifying applicant's rent assistance will be funded to their landlord on or by the first of the month.

Applications for July assistance will open on June 1, 2024, and are due by  June 24th.

You qualify to apply if:

  • Your Landlord/Apartment Community is a current member of the Greater Dayton Apartment Association
  • You  are current on your rent with no evictions or Notice to Vacate the Premises
  • You have not already applied with the Rent Foundation twice within six months.
  • You have not already received assistance from the Rent Foundation within twelve months
  • First month's rent
  • Deposits
  • Past due rent
  • Utilities
  • Medical bills
  • Grocery bills
  • Household furnishings
  • Alternative places to live
  • Other monthly bills


Supporting documents are critical.  You need to provide as much documentation as you can to help explain your situation. It is to your advantage to provide documentation of your income and expenses and any documents that would help support your reasoning. (Example: Medical statements for medical crisis...) ALL required, supporting documents must accompany the application.  Any application received without the required documents will not be considered. 

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Applying does not guarantee that you will receive assistance. 

Our funding comes from personal donations and is paid directly to the Landlord.

For application questions, 
Contact the GDAA office

(937) 293-1170

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