Office of reentry

“Moving Forward” 

Montgomery County Office of Reentry

The Montgomery County Office of Reentry works with a variety of community stakeholders to provide programming and services to the men and women who are returning to Montgomery County from incarceration.

The Montgomery County Reentry Collaborative serves as a community education assembly that promotes reentry provider networking, organizational support via resource building, and long-term sustainability through leveraged partnerships.

The collaborative body is comprised of service providers and advocates working cooperatively with the Montgomery County Office of Reentry to promote programs, services, and partnerships that minimize barriers to successful reentry and promote a reduction in recidivism.

We invite agencies, organizations, community partners, and advocates seeking to provide services to returning citizens and their families to contact us today.

Our Mission

  • Inclusion: We value creating a welcoming space that is non-judgmental and where everyone is respected, feels engaged and motivated and their contributions are valued.
  • Commitment: We value dedication to finding solutions to effective reentry and restoration of returning citizens.
  • Empathy: We value cultivating compassion, kindness, and understanding to create a caring environment.
  • Community: We value creating a sense of safety and purpose to build stability, resiliency, and hope for all.
  • Growth: We value promoting change and transformation within the programs we deliver while sowing into the lives of our clients.

Our Motto

Action, Alliance, Accountability

For more information on how you can participate in this program click here- Housing Directory Information