Update to Click & Lease

Click & Lease (Blue Moon),

Dear Ohio NAA Click & Lease User,

The NAA Click & Lease Program for Ohio will be updated on December 20, 2023 to include the following changes to your lease forms. The Release Notes, which are accessible when logged into your NAA Click & Lease Program, include copies of these upcoming forms.  

Should you have any questions about these changes, please contact NAA. As always, we recommend you and your local legal counsel review all new and/or updated forms before implementing them into your leasing operations.

Updated Form:

  1. No Smoking Addendum
    1. Definition of Smoking paragraph
      1. New language: …or a tobacco product including marijuana or any extract…
      2. New language: …vaporizers, or pipes and marijuana, even if legally permitted for recreational use if lit, vaporized, or otherwise inhaled.
    2. Paragraph 4 is new: 4. Under federal law, specifically the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), marijuana is still categorized as a Schedule I substance. This means that under federal law, the manufacture, distribution, or possession of marijuana is strictly prohibited. Because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is controlled by the federal government, it agrees that the use of marijuana, whether prescribed for medical reasons or not, is a criminal offense and will not be protected under the fair housing laws. Therefore, apartment complexes are not required to accommodate the use of marijuana by a tenant who is a current recreational or medical marijuana user. Disabled tenants who are registered medical marijuana users, however, should not feel discouraged to request reasonable accommodations if the need arises, however, medical marijuana may not be prescribed by smoking in Ohio.
    3. Paragraph 13 is new: 13. DRUG FREE COMMUNITY.  The Premises listed above follows and complies with federal law regarding marijuana use and is, and will continue to be, a drug free community. Possession, use, manufacture or sale of any illegal substance, including marijuana, or any use of marijuana by the tenant and/or guests will result in immediate termination. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please speak to management.