ohio supreme court evictions

The emergence of the coronavirus has had widespread effects throughout the court system
and the economy. As Ohio faces record unemployment rates, local court systems either have
continued cases or drastically slowed their operations to hear only essential matters to comply
with the State of Ohio Department of Health Emergency Order, and federal and state legislation.
As a result, the Court anticipates an influx of evictions filings, as well as a backlog of civil cases

In anticipation of the increase in these case types, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor directed the
Office of Court Services to convene stakeholders to analyze projected caseloads, create strategies
for backlogs, and modernize court operations through technology.

A review of other states compared how each state is handling evictions during various stay-at-home orders. The discussion and recommendations include recommendations for eviction
mediation and settlement sessions; technology and access to courts; and increasing capacity for
mediators. These recommendations balance the backlog of cases, access to justice, and timely
processing of cases.

Evictions Report & Recommendations