Landlord Association

I. The Landlord Association, created in June of 2013, was designed for landlords to have a place where they can share information with other management groups about problem residents, keep current on trends, and help build relationships with the community. There were 4 complexes represented at the first meeting. There are now 114 properties represented throughout the Miami Valley.

A. Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, where the landlords share information. (Now held quarterly and always after the 15th).

B. The Landlord Association is a collaboration of landlords, apartment complex managers, police officers, and others directly involved in the aspects of tenant procurement and management.

  1. Training is provided from various sources, which is pertinent to the landlords and management groups. Topics covered thus far are:
    a. Crime Prevention
    b. Criminal Trespass Training
    c. CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
    d. Gang Training
    e. Women’s Self Defense
    f. Drug Training (emphasis on heroin)

II. Some of the problems the Landlord Association deals with are the problem tenants who are asked to relocate, and when they do, they begin another circle of unwanted behavior at a different complex. A Landlord association member will be able to provide tenant information to the future complex, in an effort to avert potential problems before they even arise. This program has been met with great enthusiasm and success among the current members. Recruitment efforts are constantly underway. The goal of this program is to offer a better quality of life among the current law-abiding tenants, who should not have to live amongst those who make for an unsafe and miserable living experience.

Ronald Strehle

Crime Prevention Officer
Dayton Police Dept I City of Dayton
335 W. Third St. I Dayton, Ohio 45402
Office 937 333-8990 I Fax 937 254-1501I