GDAA Webinars

Webinar WEDNESDAY- December 12, 2018

Vibe with your tribe
Presented by Ann kesmodel- denizen management

Vibe with your tribe

“Step out of the normal numbers, reports, and sales routines by learning more about how your vibe effects Employee retention, renewal rates, your typical renter, and essentially every aspect of your day. Understanding how “your vibe attracts your tribe” can help you to be more successful personally and professionally.”

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  • All Webinars are $10 per person and attendees will receive 1 Continued Education Credit (CEC).
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Do I have to be a GDAA Member to register for a webinar?

You do not have to be a GDAA member to register and join a webinar. You do, however, need to pay prior to attending the meeting.  The non-member price is $20.00

I attended the meeting but didn't receive the CEC.

CECs are awarded to GDAA Members who have registered AND were logged into the meeting for the FULL duration.

If you sat in on someone else's webinar feed, then you will not receive the credit. If would like to sit in on a feed and receive credit, contact GDAA Offices with your first & last name and the attendee and we will ensure that attendee's company will be billed for your attendance.

Registration fees are $10/person. ($20.00 for a non- member)
If you're a GDAA member, registered and attended a full webinar and still have not received a CEC, please call 937-293-1170 or email

Do I get a CEC if I request a presentation of a past Webinar?

No. CECs are awarded to those who have registered and attended the Webinar.

What if I am having technical difficulties during the meeting?

If you are having difficulties during the meeting, please call 937.293.1170 or talk through the chat window provided in the meeting. We will work our hardest to get your situation resolved! 

What is a CEC?

A CEC is a Continued Education Credit and is applied toward your CAM or NALP certification. Please click HERE for more information.