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The Briefcase Series: Write Right

The Briefcase Series: Write Right

The business grammar "Crash Course" 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

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The briefcase series:
write Right

The business grammar "Crash Course" 

Instructed by: Kayde Fitzpatrick

If you've ever sent an e-mail this class is for you!

Do you spend too much time checking and double-checking your work for grammar and spelling errors—and you’re still nervous when you hit send? Do you find grammar rules confusing and frustrating? 

When you make a grammar mistake, it’s more than just a fleeting embarrassment. It can cause your message to be dismissed and your professional reputation to suffer. That’s not a risk you can afford to take!

Good grammar can indicate your attention to detail, critical thinking, and intellectual aptitude. Grammatical errors affect more than just you; they can damage people’s opinions of your organization’s professionalism. That’s why you must ensure everything you write is mistake-proof and error-free!

This two-hour seminar is packed with the key tips, techniques, resources, and shortcuts that make checking your grammar quick and easy. You’ll get advice, so you can be confident that everything you write is grammatically correct—and that your reputation will remain intact.

A Look at the Agenda:

  • Tricks to prevent the most common grammar mistakes
  • Choosing the right pronoun- eliminating gender-based language
  • Understanding when and what to capitalize
  • The most common punctuation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Demystifying apostrophe -s vs. s-apostrophe
  • Most often misused words in business documents
  • A simple proofreading checklist to free you from worry
  • When spell checker is your friend and the common mistakes it won't catch

The Briefcase Series:

The Briefcase Series is a new educational series geared toward the Administrative Team (Manager, Assistant Manager, Leasing, District) Each class will focus on a hard skill (Excel, Word, etc.) or soft skill (people skills, interpersonal skills, etc.) Every class will come with a “tool” pertaining to the class and anyone who attends all the courses in the series will receive a briefcase!

*No cancellations or refunds are accepted within 2 days of the course/event. No-shows will be billed.


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