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Value Stacking Your 2023 Rents

Value Stacking Your 2023 Rents

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

EXCLUSIVE FOR GDAA MEMBERS!  Use the code 19GDAA and save $10.00 off the price! (payment is made on the Multifamily Insider website)

Toni Blake teaches your team creative tools of VALUE STACKING your rents to help the consumer understand the value of life in your community. People want to feel they received a “great deal”, and VALUE STACKING makes sure they do! Your teams will learn the impact of passionate conversations about their community in their own words. Discover a proper understanding of the psychological value of speaking with passion. It’s incredible how quickly we find money when we WANT something! VALUE STACKING techniques show the importance of choosing your apartment because you LOVE what you get, not what you pay. Toni introduces strategies for your on-site teams to find their voice and how to write a personal “love story” about their community. Toni’s program includes specific marketing strategies and new value positioning techniques to VALUE STACK your rents with the FIRE of DESIRE! This dynamic educational leasing and marketing event for 2023 will revive your team’s passion and performance.

Join Toni Blake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on January 18, 2023, at 2 pm Eastern Time To revive your team’s passion and performance!

About Toni Blake

  Toni Bake is a popular industry keynote speaker and    comedienne. Her enthusiastic presentation style is        unique, with “laugh while you learn” education and       comedy. After three decades of touring multifamily   housing, she continues to be the premier choice. Toni  Blake won the top selection in the 2020 Multifamily Insiders Choice Award for her Wednesday Webinar. In 2021 Toni boldly toured the industry with her popular Amazing Tour bus, visiting 23 states in 135 days, and traveling over 13,000 miles. The tour continues in 2022! Toni Blake’s research is published in many national industry publications, including Units Magazine. Her creative wisdom inspires thousands of industry professionals each year with innovative concepts in customer service, sales, and marketing. Toni’s infectious energy has built a social media following of over 36K, with .5M views of her Facebook LIVE videos, making her a sought-after guest on multifamily radio and podcasts. Toni is passionate about being an agent of positive change in our world and inspires people to be great human beings. Stay in touch with TotallyToni by following her in real-time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.