Love Your Community

Virtual Learning

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
Love Your Community

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Love Your Community
Virtual Learning

Course Overview:

Learn easy and applicable ways you can build a sense of community at your site. Running an apartment community is both a gift and challenge all wrapped up in one! In this course, we will discuss the long-term benefits that come from building positive relations and having a deepened sense of community. Residents feel more invested in a place they call home, are happier, and more likely to recommend your site to others.  Building positive relations will also lead to more harmony and fewer conflicts that you would otherwise dedicate time to! You will raise resident retention, boost online reviews, increase the lifetime value of a tenant (LTV), and best of all– continue to love what we do!


Step 1:

How do you get residents onboard? How do you get residents to interact and be involved?

  • Social Media
  • Also, use those residents that already SPEAK UP! The “complainers” are the #1 best-untapped resource! If you can turn their attention from complaining and get them involved in activities, they’ll help promote!
    • 10 Proven Way to End Conflict Quickly and Gain Confidence in Assisting Your Residents

Step 2:

  • 7 Ways to Build a Sense of Community

This Online class is presented by:
Sarah Hahn, Regional Manager
HILLS Properties

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Dayton, Ohio 45439
(937) 293-1170

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